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Agile doesn't exclude software design diagrams

The truth about documentation and Agile

In past, managers had amazing skills to push us, developers, with words: “You have to finish it before the deadline! We already announced the release date.”

Obviously, this was creating a lot of conflicts between/inside the teams and no one would naturally think about taking a marker and start actually thinking through the solutions by sketching system, software diagrams on a whiteboard. “Let’s code people! Hurry up!”


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The magic behind autoloading php files using Composer


It’s been several years I didn’t start a project from scratch. I mean totally from scratch. All my projects are by default fresh Symfony installations. 2 weeks ago I was recording one of the lectures of this course and when I was preparing a super simple example I run into a Class not found error. This reminded me the good old days of using PHP require_once method so I decided to...